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The Troop Story

Troop Real Estate, Inc. was founded by Brian Troop in 1987 as a small brokerage that was bound to do things differently. As an alternative to national chains and large, impersonal offices, Troop Real Estate established a reputation as the place for agents who sought more from their broker. Not only did Brian Troop introduce his agents to a culture of continuous support, but he provided them with every new tool and technology in an atmosphere that encouraged personal and professional growth.

“I believed that agents deserve every tool they could possibly use to function at their best, and I was determined to provide that for them at Troop Real Estate,” Troop explained.

BrianTroop_GrandOpeningBrian Troop’s philosophy was successful from day one. “My goal in building the company was to have 15 dedicated, producing agents in the first year. On the first day, we opened our doors with 18 agents,” said Troop.

With a rate of expansion like that, it was evident that Troop Real Estate was not Brian Troop’s first entrepreneurial undertaking. In fact, it was at the tender age of 12 when Brian Troop began his first business—a neighborhood gardening service he started after purchasing his first lawn mower. The precocious young businessman waited until he had his high school diploma in hand before starting his second business: a carpet cleaning and hardwood floor restoration company.

“After a year, my father convinced me to get my real estate license. I was 19 when I started working in real estate. Eventually, I sold my business and focused solely on my career in real estate, which took off at that point,” Brian said.

Troop Real Estate was Brian Troop’s most successful undertaking, as the company boasts over 550 real estate agents and the largest market share of any real estate brokerage in all of Ventura County. It has expanded to include 12 offices and several subsidiaries, all independently owned by Brian Troop. “It wasn’t easy to thrive during the last couple of years in real estate, but maintaining a high level of support for our agents has been the critical factor,” said Brian Troop.

Even as the economy took a turn for the worse, Troop Real Estate continued to amass dedicated agents with a sincere passion for their job.

“If you look at the agents in our organization today, they are high-quality people with a true drive to succeed. The economy has created an opportunity for agents to step up to the challenge and elevate their standards of operation. Now, we are positioned to really take advantage of a great market that is on its way.”